Vet Net Zero is a sustainable technology company based in Nashville, TN working to develop reliable, cost-effective, renewable, and efficient energy solutions for our local and national community.

 We began as a small company focusing on the sale of energy efficient products and LEDs before evolving to more comprehensive solar solutions like RoofPower: Our Solar Roofing Solutions for your energy needs. In addition to these alternative energy products, Vet Net Zero also works with DC Power Solutions for whole building retrofits and individual sale, Advanced HVAC Optimization products such as the Black Hawk Powerhouse and much more. 

In December 2015, the U.S. House and Senate passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that included tax credits for wind and solar power projects.  The package included a retroactive five-year extension on the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) at a rate of 30%.


Systems that leverage high efficiency power converters and smart controls to optimize energy usage while drawing power from renewables, batteries, and the grid.


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Prism's bifacial modules harvest sunlight on both faces, making brilliant use of the sun by generating significantly more energy (kWh) per watt of power than traditional modules throughout the changing seasons of the year. 

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Lower your energy costs and increase your electric power efficiency.


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Products encompassing LED solid state lighting and high intensity fluorescent lighting.